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June 04, 2006



Leave it to the Dem's to try and make the most obvious situation out to be "historic." You are right on about the fact that they are going to get the crap knocked out of them...


Hi Ben, as bad as the Dems are, the Republicans are doing a great job of kicking their own butts.

I have never seen the Republician leadership look so bad before. There is a saying "Whom the Gods will destroy they first make mad." From George Bush on down, the Republicians appear to have lost their collective minds.


Strickland has detailed, on his web site, in his speeches, and in numerous press bulletins, his plan to move Ohio forward after fifteen years of slow stagnation under Republican rule.

"Turn Around Ohio" is the center-piece of Strickland's platform. It focuses on state-wide IT infrastructure, specialized marketing of Ohio's regional industries, and increased accessibility and affordability of quality education.

The polls have Blackwell behind by a double-digit spread and I haven't seen a single negative ad produced by the democrats. Maybe that is because Blackwell just being Blackwell is the best pro-Strickland advertisement that democrats could hope for.


Hi Lonnie, you have made some interesting points but step back a moment and see if you can get the big picture. Lets call this Politics 101.

From everything that I have heard or seen regarding Ted Strickland has been pleasant and, clearly indicates that Strickland is a nice guy. Lesson #1, in politics nice guys finish last.

Lesson #2, in almost all cases for a candidate to get elected to a public office the candidate needs media attention. Lots of it. There are two ways that a candidate can get this much needed attention, pay for it or earn it. Earned media is the most powerful and the most effective because there is a general rule that the public at large is very interested in what is being said unlike what is being said in most paid media ads. It is primarily from this aspect that Ken Blackwell is exposing Strickland's weak media skills. In almost every media story to date, with few exceptions, involving Ken Blackwell or Ted Strickland, Blackwell is taking the headlines and driving the issues.

Lesson #3, in this governor's race, Blackwell arrived at a political fork in the road. One road led to greatness and the other to the governor's office as just another governor.

Blackwell decided that being governor met more to him then being one of the greates men in Ohio's history. When Blackwell walked away from his own history-making Tax and Expenditure Limiting proposal, he publicly kissed the ring of the powers-that-be and, again, affirmed, that for him (Blackwell), it is the Republican Party over the people. His reward for doing this will be millions of dollars to buy paid media which, bolstered by his mighty earned media abilities again, going publicly unanswered by Ted Strickland.

Lesson #4, every candidate must have major support of their respective political bases. In the case of Strickland, one of his key political bases is black voters. What most people don't know or really don't want to publicly acknowledge is that the "values voters" are 20 to 40 percent black middle-class. Blacks in general are no longer very excited about the Democrat Party and, are most likely to sit out the election. In a word, you say that there are polls indicating that Strickland is leading Blackwell by double digits, if I were you, I would not bet my money on that pony.

Strickland had a real chance against Blackwell during the Primary. Strickland, illadvised, stood on the sidelines. Now he is going to pay for it. Believe me when I tell you that the governor's race is Blackwell's to lose not Strickland's to win.

Lonnie N. Dearth

Sorry for the slow reply Cornell. It has been a while since I visited your blog.

It is not Strickland's "weak media skills" that Blackwell continues to expose, it is his own.

By spreading lies about his opponent’s sexuality, Blackwell proved that he lacks character. He also showed that he doesn't understand the game. Republicans still haven't heard what Ohio voters are screaming.

"Enough lying, cheating and stealing!"

This week I read that Alexandria Johnson Boone (former publicist to Lebron James) has been hired to run Blackwell’s African-American outreach effort. This puzzled me at first. Why would a black man who possesses such PR acumen (as you’ve been suggesting) need a professional publicist to win support from the black community?

With a chance to finally put an African-American in the Governor’s office, I would think that the black community’s support for a viable black candidate would palpable. But we all know that Blackwell is not a viable candidate. He is not trusted, and his loyalty to party first is well known. That’s why he must “market” his candidacy to other blacks.

You have greatly over-estimated Blackwell’s abilities. From TEL to House Bill 347 to lying about his opponent’s legislative record and personal life, Ken Blackwell has proven that he does not understand what Ohioans are demanding.

Ohioans are demanding change.


Tsk Tsk I love watching the Republicans and the Blackwell camp running scared. They are no match for Ted Strickland and they will never experience prime-time.


Hi Joan, you are right about Blackwell and the Republicans running scared but its not Stickland that has them running. Blackwell and the Republicans are kicking their own butts.

My objective observation of the situation is that the Governor's race is now 50 - 50 and can go either way at this point. I still give Blackwell a slight advantage because Republican voters show up to vote more than Democrats and, Strickland still does not have a strong message.

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