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November 21, 2006



Interesting comments on this strange situation. I'm trying to figure out who the con man is here.


I agree regarding Mammana he does resemble a thug.



I truly hope you are more intelligent than you sound in the above note. Kevin Miles is "going down" as you would say for "breaking the law". Time will prove this out and when it does - Miles and Central Crime Stoppers will be the laughing stock of Ohio. How sad to give one man so much power. A lie is a lie and the truth is the truth. The TRUTH will prevail here Kevin Miles. When that day comes I hope you can live with the embarrassment of it all. That big dog..hehe (better look up what kind of dog he has..hehe NOT big dog)


You have got to be kidding me!! That story sounds pretty crazy if you ask me. Why didn't he call the police when it happened? What kind of person has a concealed carry license, but does not carry bullets?ice? His excuse about being embarrassed about not defending himself are also suspicious. If he drew his weapon on somebody, shouldn't he have called the police? What about this dog?...a Sharpie who was supposedly beaten with a bat, last time I checked, a sharp could only take one be hit with a bat before it became a dead sharpie....and what was Kevin Miles doing while this mystery guy was beating his dog?...Eating doughnuts? If you ask me, Crimestoppers is taking a beating to its reputation because of Kevin Miles' ridiculous story....

John Wilkerson

Just for your info. Not sure what is truth or fiction on this story you be the judge


Anti-crime crusader's past includes troubles with the law
(Sat, Apr/10/2004)

PHILADELPHIA - A man who has contributed thousands of dollars in rewards to the Citizens Crime Commission of Delaware Valley for catching killers and kidnappers has a lengthy criminal background, according to a published report.

Joseph Mammana, 44, has spent time behind bars for charges including aggravated assault, drug possession, fraud, car theft and identity theft, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in Saturday editions.

"Any of my criminal past and things like that are irrelevant," Mammana said. "Everybody makes mistakes when they're kids."

He served eight months in Montgomery County prison for striking his wife with a countertop in 1991, when he was 32. Mammana also was jailed in Florida and New Jersey on drug and fraud charges, as well as for the theft of cars, coats, and the identities of two people in the 1980s and 1990s.

Mammana has made more than $130,000 in public pledges to the crime commission over the past decade, including $5,000 to find the driver who ran over two Bucks County teens on a Florida beach; $5,000 to catch the kidnappers of 7-year-old Erica Pratt; and $10,000 to find the killer of 10-year-old Faheem Thomas-Childs. Mammana said most of what he has given to the crime commission has not been publicized.

At the time of his contributions, he was wanted on warrants in Bucks County and Florida, the paper reported.

Mammana, manager of a North Philadelphia egg-processing plant, would not say where he lives or discuss his business ventures. His attorney, Donald Williford, also declined to comment.

Last month, Charlotte County, Florida, recalled its 1992 warrant for a probation violation. On Tuesday, the Bucks County 1988 warrant was recalled after Mammana surrendered to sheriff's deputies. An April 19 trial date was set.

That warrant was issued after Mammana, a competitive bodybuilder, allegedly failed to pay $550 for a weightlifter's belt from Prestige Saddle & Harness of Quakertown.

"If he truly wants to be a good guy, he can start with me," Prestige owner Karen Porter said after being told of Mammana's philanthropy.

Citizens Crime Commission president John C. Apeldorn said Mammana always came through on pledges.

"I don't know if he had a shaky past or what, but he's been good to us," said Apeldorn, who declined to say how much Mammana has donated.

Mammana's first public pledge was in 2000 but the source of his funds is hard to track, the newspaper found.

He holds a mortgage to a house in Lower Makefield, Bucks County, but his name isn't on the deed. He owns three businesses in Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey, but they do not apparently exist at their registered addresses.

One company, Paris Cosmetics, is registered at the home address of Mammana's mother, who said her son does not sell cosmetics from her home. Hope Mammana said her son turned his life around but she would not comment further.

In 1988, Mammana was charged in Montgomery County with raping a girlfriend, but the charge was dropped when he pleaded guilty to harassment. He received a suspended sentence.

In 1989 in Sarasota County, Florida, Mammana and another man tried to buy a Corvette using someone else's identity, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. He spent three months in prison.

In 1990, he returned to the Philadelphia area and married his second wife, stating his job on his marriage application as steelworker. He then was ordered to pay restitution and serve three years' probation for bouncing a check at Zinman Furs in New Jersey two years earlier.

In 1991, he was charged in Montgomery County with opening a checking account in another man's name, and in Burlington County, N.J., with stealing three cars from a Nissan dealership.

That October, he pleaded guilty and served eight months for aggravated assault of his then-wife, Lisa, and for possession with intent to deliver steroids.

"He threatened to kill me, and he threatened to scar my face," she testified. "He threatened to have my father's house burnt down. He threatened to have my daughter raped and blinded."

When she said she wanted a divorce, Mammana tore a countertop from its hinges, struck her over the head with it and put a knife to her throat, she testified.

He later served one year for the car thefts in Burlington County.

Lisa Mammana, now Lisa Pazdan, did not return calls seeking comment.


Article's URL:


Hi John, thanks for checking in. Wow! This is one hell of a story. Thanks again for the info.



Hi Donna, thanks for your comments. If you ever see Kevin Miles in person his story regarding the gun would make sense to you.

Kevin is a pretty large guy without the Charles Atlas build. Because of his body build he had a hard time finding a holster that was practical. The gun that he had at the time of the incident is a single action semi-utomatic pistol which requires you to cock the hammer of the pistol back to fire the first round.

Kevin reasonable, was concerned about the pistol discharing being carried around in that state. When Kevin was struck with the bat his assailant hit him in his strong arm making it difficult for Kevin to chamber a round in the pistol. There were bullets in the weapon but Kevin, under the circumstances did not have the ability to immediately charge the weapon for combat.

Thanks again for checking in



Hey Buckblog, from your brief comment I can't tell what you are talking about or what your point is. Please try again.



Hi Dawn, thanks for checking in. I don't think that Joe looks like a thug but what has been made public regarding his behavior, he does in fact act like a thug. If he really has a problem with the thug image he should clean up his act if its not too late.



Cornell, what I meant is someone here is a con man, either Kevin or Joe Mammana.

I don't know either of them but based on what appears to be Kevin's 12 years of reputable service to crimestoppers vs Joe's checkered past I know what seems more likely.

I thought your post was informative coming from someone who knew both of them.

Hopefully you are able to share more details in the future.

I happened to hear your comments as well as those of I believe the VP of crimestoppers on WTVN that evening.


I agree 100%, one of these two guys true colors are going to show. I would be careful to judge a book by its cover and not to see what is on its real inside. I can't wait for the courts to make this final decision. I truly believe there is going to be alot of shocked people. I still vote JOE MAMMANA. He is not afraid to speak and doesn't make up far fetched stories. Time is truly going to tell... will be as good as a movie in the end.
We are going to call him "mighty Joe" when this is all over with..hehe.


Hey BuckBlog, now I know where you are coming from. What is very strange to me is that from an observation perspective, it appeared that Kevin and Joe had a great working relationship then all of a sudden things went to hell. That really bothers me because I don't understand what happened and why it happened. Regardless of Joe's past I don't believe he came to Ohio to get himself in the mess that he is now in.

On the flip side of the situation Kevin has nothing to gain that I know of by causing such a storm. What I do know is no matter what happens the community has suffered a lost. The only thing that remains to be seen is how big of a lost.



Hi Darlene, I have just one question for you. Are you willing to accept the truth no matter what it is or where it leads?



Why would I not except the truth? I am not afraid of the truth..and you raise a good point. I have the same question for you - did Kevin know by coming out with such allegations he was going to get himself in the "mess" he has gotten himself into? I don't see Kevin as a victim here and doubt I ever will. EVEN if KEVIN wins this - he has handled it in the most UNPROFESSIONAL, DEMEANING way that I will NEVER, EVER trust Crime Stoppers in Ohio or ANY other organization that his is indirectly or directly affiliated with. There were ways to handle this situation and he has made Central Ohio Crime Stoppers a laughing joke. The truth is not going to directly effect my life one way or the other. IF..IF you are saying something about JOE you can prove then by all means bring it out. I will always say and always believe that KEVIN MILES has done more damage here no matter what the end result is than JOE MAMMANA.


Guess I should put this in there also. BOTH Kevin Miles and Joe Mammana has directly Affected my missing sister's case. BUT..BUT SO FAR - KEVIN MILES HAS DONE HER DAMAGE .....NOT JOE MAMMANA. KEVIN OWES 20 MISSING PERSONS AND THEIR FAMILIES AN APOLOGY. That will always remain a FACT. There is NO reason that KEVIN should have played this for the MEDIA attention instead of FIXING this problem IF there was and is a problem. To go on TV and say stuff - like rich boy borrowed money from me and didn't pay me back. He took a 100 dollars from me a "fat" boy like me. It was just simply DISGUSTING. So no matter what the truth is - in my opinion that man is simply DISGUSTING for the way he has handled this entire situation. There is NO way he is going to come out a winner in this. Then we will not address the Crime Stoppers man that didn't know how to call 911 for help. Again, he is seeking media attention and not solutions to what he says is a problem. So say whatever you will - he has done damage here that is NOT fixable. No matter what the end result is my OPINION OF KEVIN MILES WILL NEVER CHANGE.


To the public - it appears this is what KEVIN MILES had to GAIN. Something "personal" became and issue with "fat boy" as he calls himself and his relationship with Joe Mammana. Then he it became a "power trip" - Joe was not paying in the time frame as demanded by Kevin Miles. Kevin stated in one interview, the next agreement we will included a time frame for payment. That is how it started out then it became an issue about the conviction part. To the outside it sure appears that for whatever reason, KEVIN simply has taken a personal issue with Joe Mammana and is trying to show his "power". In the mean time he is destroying people's hope and lives by not caring about his OWN actions. To say he is an advocate for missing persons - JOKE. I have watched video after video and read comments in articles from the beginning of all of this and Kevin simply can't make up his mind on why and what he is fighting for. If you doubt this then go to channel 4 and start reading and watching their videos. His statements change with the wind on what the issue truly is. He can't even figure out how much supposedly Joe owes Central Ohio Crime Stoppers according to the interviews. Then to come up with a forged docuement called a contract that look nothing like an official document. Everyone I have showed this document too believes as I do - that the hand writing on both signatures sure have alot of similiarities. Everyone notices the "e".

I will repeat this again, KEVIN MILES should have handled this professionally since he supposedly was speaking for a "professional" organization. Instead he played it for the "media" attention.

In my opinion as long as Kevin Miles is affiliated with Central Ohio Crime Stoppers - your loss will be great from here on out. If Central Ohio Crime Stoppers truly wants to get their respect back - they should rid of their relationship with Kevin Miles. That will prove out no matter what the out come is legally here for those two.

I have to admit, I don't get upset with people I do not know very easily. I almost always feel compassion for people but this is one time in life I have never met this person but from reading and watching his actions and listening to his statements it has angered me because of the "hurt", "damage" it has done to so many (Kevin Miles, NOT Joe). The part that does me in is this, KEVIN MILES acts as though he is doing us a service concerning our missing loved ones. I truly see it as this - if he is our friend the my goodness we do not need enemies (when it comes to our missing loved ones).

Done venting now...the Scared Monkey's show just another strike against Kevin Miles. He invited himself to this radio show then tried to control the interview itself. He really is better off if he stays silent. Each time he speaks he sounds more guilty of having personal issues with Joe Mammana and not professional ones.

I could go on and on as you see but will stop. Hopefully you will see where I am coming from.


In this article Kevin Miles states he did this for our missing loved ones. What a JOKE KEVIN MILES. Send your message AFTER you win the COURT HEARING NOT BEFORE (guess you couldn’t since chances are high you are NOT going to WIN). You OPENLY ADMIT you WENT OUT TO HURT OUR FAMILES and their reward monies!

Now you want our PITY - NOTTA!


Published Saturday
November 4, 2006

Philanthropist offers $100,000 reward in missing person cases


The disappearance of Omahan Jason Jolkowski and Lincolnite Gina Bos are among 20 missing person cases that have attracted $100,000 reward offers from a controversial Pennsylvania philanthropist.

Philadelphia businessman Joe Mammana, known for his tough talking and large rewards in high-profile crimes, said he made the offer after he heard about a concert tour that was conceived of by Bos' sister, Jannel Rap.
In the Squeaky Wheel Tour, musicians across the nation and overseas put on concerts this fall to attract attention to missing people.
Jolkowski's mother, Kelly Jolkowski, said Mammana made the offer through an Indianapolis woman whose daughter was believed murdered. Kelly Jolkowski, through her missing persons advocacy, is friends with the Indianapolis mother.

Kelly Jolkowski said Mammana is offering the rewards for 20 days, from this Sunday through Nov. 24. She said she has been told that he has offered to pay the reward to any person providing information leading to the recovery of the missing person, or to the arrest and conviction of people responsible for the person's disappearance.

Kelly Jolkowski, whose son disappeared from the family's driveway on June 13, 2001, at the age of 19, said the reward offer gave new hope that a lead could surface.

Mammana earlier made news with reward offers in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. He said by telephone this week that he made the offer of what he called "bounties" because he had been asked for help.

"It gives some of these people hope," Mammana said. "It makes them strong."

Yet even as the 20 families were announcing the reward fund, an Ohio anti-crime group raised questions about the validity of Mammana's offers. Central Ohio Crime Stoppers accused Mammana of reneging on a pledge to pay $31,000 in rewards to tipsters in a Columbus, Ohio, murder case.

The organization demanded that Mammana pay the money by Nov. 10 or face a lawsuit, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

******************************************************The Central Ohio Crime Stoppers board made that move partly because of Mammana's $2 million reward offer, said Kevin Miles, president of the organization.

"We felt we had to send a message that you have to be careful," Miles said.

Mammana, calling the Ohio situation "ridiculous," said he hadn't paid that reward because he only pays for information that leads to a conviction, and the case hasn't been decided. Miles said Mammana signed a contract saying he would pay for information leading to an arrest or indictment.

Jolkowski said she looked into Mammana's recent pledge after hearing of the Ohio affair and is confident the offer in her son's disappearance is legitimate.

"This should be something really positive," Jolkowski said.
Anyone with information about Jason Jolkowski is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 444-7867 or the Omaha Police Department at 444-5657.

Bos, a musician, vanished Oct. 17, 2000, after performing at Duggan's Pub in Lincoln. Anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to call Lincoln Police Detective Greg Sorensen at 402-441-7708.

Attorney Michael D. Winston

Mr. McCleary:

My name is Michael Winston. I am the attorney representing Joe Mammana in Ohio.
First, it is downright shameful what Mr. Miles and Ohio Crimestoppers is attempting to do to Joe Mammana.

Joe Mammana, like all of us, including yourself, has made his share of mistakes in life. However, this gentleman has paid his debt for his mistakes and has moved on with his life in a very constructive and admirable way. He now runs a completely legitimate and successful business. He has further distinguished himself by using his personal fortune to help find the missing family members of people who he does not even know. How many of us can say we have done that.

The fact is that Joe Mammana has paid numerous rewards in several states in the past to tipsters who came forward with reliable information leading to convictions or recovery of the missing persons. Also, the fact that Joe would hire my office to represent him is a testament to the fact that this is not about an unwillingness to pay money, (I don't come cheap) but rather, his refusal to become a victim of fraud himself. At the time Crimestoppers filed their lawsuit, the individual charged with the crime, was set to go on trial in a few weeks. (It has since been continued until January). Why wouldn't Crimestoppers want to wait until after the suspect goes on trial to ascertain whether they have the right person?

Crimestoppers has been wrong before. Take for example, the case of the fire near the OSU campus that killed 5 students several years ago. Crimestoppers tips led to the arrest of an individual who was released a few days later. As it turns out, Crimestoppers had the wrong guy. What if a reward was paid to the tipster that led to that arrest? That case underscores why tipsters should not be paid for arrest, but rather information that leads to convictions. That prevents the possibility of some wayward member of Crimestoppers conspiring with one of their buddies to give information leading to an arrest, then backing away from it or disappearing after a reward is paid. Crimestoppers' angst to collect this money before the case goes to trial raises suspicion about and negatively impacts on the credibility of the information it has supplied leading to the arrest of the suspect in that case.

Kevin Miles' story stinks. This guy is a former beat cop. You mean to tell me he just watched while some stranger beat his dog with a bat?...And then did not report it for several days? His story stinks. And...if this attack did happen, perhaps more investigation into the personal life of Kevin Miles is warranted.

Moreover, the suggestion that Joe Mammana "ordered a hit" of some kind reeks of racism. If Joe were not an Italian American, such absurd insinuations would never be made about him. Joe Mammana will not be hurt by this lawsuit against him. He is a tough, street tested businessman who has sought to give of himself. The only people hurt by this outlandish attach against Joe Mammana are other victims of crime. Philanthropists who would normally be inclined to donate money to support Crimestoppers will be scared away from doing good deeds by the proposition that they could be sued one day simply because they do not adhere or agree with Crimestoppers' unreasonable demands for paymnent on arrest.

Ohio Crimestoppers must fire its president, Kevin Miles and retain new leadership if it is going to have any credibility going forward.

Gary Kap

When i approched Joe for the reward money he immediately stepped up to the plate with the dollars and was very open about his past. We had tried to work with Crime Stoppers but there was much too much red tape involved. From the time I had first spoken with Joe to this date it was clearly understood (to me) that the only condition was “arrest and conviction” Personally I could care less since in most cases it is some other dirt bag just looking to to make a quick buck by turning in one of his buds! As far as Joe I think he is a stand up guy albeit he might be a bit weird, but then again who isnt these days? FYI my daughters case still remains unsolved even with Joe’s $100K Last week one of the suspects in my daughters case shot a cop and murdered another one (Eloyn Devon Ingraham) May be we should stop worrying how and why Joe does his thing and see to it that the cops start to do theirs!


Attorney Michael D. Winston;
"Moreover, the suggestion that Joe Mammana "ordered a hit" of some kind reeks of racism. If Joe were not an Italian American, such absurd insinuations would never be made about him."

Shut up, you imbecile! I have no clue as to who is to blame for this odd set of events, but I can say without question that your uncalled for projection of imagined racism into this bizare situation disgusts me to no end. Argue the case on it's merit, and quit trying to play the race card...disgusting.


YOU are the imbecile. The fact that you would read and listen to such ridiculous stories and be offended only by the suggestion of racism tells me you are probably some heartless yellow bellied chicken who has been accused of racism in the past, is likely a racist, and hates the idea of anyone bringing up race in any situaton because you generally and often find yourself accused of it. Why didn't it offend you for the young lady to say Joe "looked" like a thug?


Because I don't like folks crying racism for no reason I must be a vile, fire-breathing Donna...your logic is simply flawless! I also don't like people yelling racial slurs, so I must yell them constantly...I hate murders, so I am a serial killer...I also don't like it when someone yells "fire" in a building that isn't burning, so I must be an arsonist. Thank you again Donna for responding with such a well thought out, flawlessly presented rebutal!

FYI; I didn't respond the the "looks like a thug" comment because, well, THAT WASN'T THE POST I wAS RESPONDING TO! I WAS RESPONDING TO A POST FROM A MAN CLAMING TO BE JOE'S ATTORNEY! Cripes, I also didn't comment on the injustice of the Salem Witch trials...what I didn't comment on is besides the point...I do commend you for slipping the "yellow bellied chicken" shot in there though...I mean, you figured out how to use my email address in a pointless jab at goodness, you are a big girl Donna!

Ben "CLAMING" typo is funny....oh,'s probably a Freudian slip that proves that I hate clams! Damn, I am quite the animal!


Sorry for all the typing errors...I am shunning personal responsibility for them and blaming my wireless has black keys with white letters, so I'm struggling to figure out which race I hate by blaming my I'll let Donna decide for me...



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