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January 06, 2007



Cornell, sadly, I have to agree with you. I tutor grammar school kids and its heartbreaking how some people don't properly watch or prepared their children for school, particularly in the African-American community.

Yes, it's not politically correct in our touchy-feely, no-one-is-ever-truly-responsible society to call the Grandmother on the carpet, but you are right on the money.

Unfortunately, we will see this sad sort of event time and time again.


So what are you saying Madscribe? That black folks are too damn lazy to keep their kids safe? Just so we're clear...

ps- pretty ironic to see the phrases "I tutor grammar" and "people don't properly watch or prepared their children for school" in the same sentence....really makes one say "Hmmmmmmm......"


Hey Mac I get what you are saying and Ben's reaction is typical to the facts on it's face.

It's not that Blacks don't care about their children or are lazy. The problem, particularly in the Black community is young, foolish single black females that have too much on their plate and don't have the experience and guildance to handle the challenges of being a parent.

In this case, it was a matter of learned behaviour. Grandma had problems when she was young. She did not learn from her mistakes and Little Asa paid for it.



Please speak from fact. Grandma is severely over weight and has a hard time entering and exiting a car. She was doing her daughter a favor taking her grandson to the bus stop. Many well educated people do not do the same. Skin color does not make a difference. Asa's mother was very involved in the PTA, etc. He was a well behaved and intelligent child. Accidents happen and yes can be avoided, but do not place blame on the family or bus driver here.How can anyone say that Grandma used Asa to learn from her mistakes.


I cant believe the crap I just read...How dare you blame the grandmother..And Laziness are you serious...This family just lost a precious child to an accident...Yes accident...All you can do is take what was learn to try and keep other kids safe...My heart hurts to read such garbage...And I pray for you and your families...That you will never have to feel the pain and sorrow that this family has felt and will feel for many many years to come...

Jessica Mayle-Cruz

I came across your site and this blog and I CAN NOT BELIEVE what an idiot you are Cornell, To be such an "educated man" you are a moron. I detest every single word out of your mouth.
I am the proud mother of Asa Imad Mayle and I don't care if he was doing jumping jacks in the middle of that street the bus driver should have had common sense to SLOW down and pay attention to her surroundings!!!! There was another bus there and that was Asa's bus he was walking to that had it's flashers on. The driver herself has admitted to having her head turned NOT LOOKING IN FRONT OF HER while crossing through not 1 but 2 crosswalks in front of an Elementary school????????????? No Asa did not stand a chance!! And before you place blame on my mother or on Asa LEARN the facts, I thought you was a Private Investigator??? Then why didn't you learn the facts before running off at the mouth?? Did you know that Asa was in the cross walk? That he did not run out in the street??? There is so much that you DON'T know about this whole situation. I can't believe the things you and others have said.
I couldn't take Asa to the bus stop that day because I was at work trying to support my children. And yes, I am a single mother but you know what?? I am the best caring and loving mother you will ever find. I take care of my children. I always have. Just as my mother took care of me. So Cornell, where has all your intelligence brought you? Your an in-sensitive, un caring, thoughtless, idiot. However, I hope you NEVER EVER EVER have to go through the hell that I have been going through!!!!


Jessica, I am sincerely sorry for your lost but I wrote what I wrote


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