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    This blog I hope, will serve as a means where my many former loyal listners of WTVN and new friends, can continue to share with me their perspectives regarding community, political and social issues and that I can also do the same. Lets have some fun. The photo album consist of pictures from my personal archives.
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January 01, 2007



Cornell, this is really not your game.

Last summer, in the heat of the campaign, you warned hungry Democrats that Ken Blackwell's mastery of the media, a surge of support from Ohio's "values voters" (your term, not mine), and a nearly inexhaustible stream of GOP money would ultimately spell doom for Ted Strickland and Ohio Dems on election day.

That didn't happen.

In truth your GOP Dream Team was destined to lose in 2006 because they embraced all that is wrong in America, and ignored all that is right. They sided with corporations over Ohio families. They sided with lobbyists over their own constituents. They sided with the rich and ignored the pleas of the poor.

In 2006 your Dream Team adopted a theme of self-righteousness and intolerance that is now nearly synonymous with the Republican Party. A perfect example of this intolerance was Blackwell's attempt to attack the legitimacy of the God that Dems pray to. And now, on this very blog, you call Democrats "children of a lesser God"?

If you have not learned from this most recent chapter of American history you are doomed to repeat it. Good luck with that.

Lonnie in Dublin


Hey Lonnie, welcome to the Blog. After the Primary Ken Blackwell changed his game and made defeat a logical conclusion.

I agree with you on most of your points regarding the Republicans actions and attitutes, and they payed for it dearly.

Now, lets deal with the issue of the Democrats and time will prove me right. The Democrats won in November entirely because of circumstaces. The Republicans caught a rare flue called George Bush and Bob Taft's unpopularity. The Dems had no master plan and showed no great leadership abilites and has no particular message of greatness or vision for the people.

I agree with you that the Democrats kicked butt in November. The future will find more people being independent, neither Republican or Democrat. Why? Because both partys are about BS and not the people. But I'll give the Dems their day in the Sun.



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