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    This blog I hope, will serve as a means where my many former loyal listners of WTVN and new friends, can continue to share with me their perspectives regarding community, political and social issues and that I can also do the same. Lets have some fun. The photo album consist of pictures from my personal archives.
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March 18, 2007


Thomas Blumer

You could not be more correct. There should be outrage in the black community over the attempt at squashing school choice. The groups that will be the most hurt are the ones you ID'd


You are right on so many points!

I reposted this on my site and included some examples of African-American leaders in Cuyahoga County that are guilty of the same.



While you're dead on about this situation, it is more an issue of teachers unions fearing competition and Democrats kowtowing to unions. Democrats are more fearful of losing union money than black votes. It is with good reason. Unions (like corporations) give to both parties. On the other hand, black voters have continued to vote for Democrats overwhelmingly despite the adverse affects of Dem policies.

M Dillion

After the last 16 years of corruption in Ohio under the republican party how can you be so shallow.

We had more debt under Bob Taft then any other governor. His picture in the Dispatch with his hand in the cookie jar was only
the tip of the iceberg. He
lied to us in the last election saying he would not raise taxes. After he
was elected he raised taxes.

Let's be fair Governor Strickland has a good budget. He is concerned about our seniors, and children. Give him a chance.

Our family is fed up with
these corrupt republicans in Ohio, and the Bush Administration.


M Dillion ...spoken like a true non-thinking (perhaps non-reading as well) accuse Cornell of being shallow, and then proceed to attack him by pointing out how much you hate Taft and the Bush Administration. Gee, makes sense....highly intelligent argument! Did I miss the part in the article where he was heaping praise on Taft and Bush? NO...because it wasn't there! Taft was a horrible gov. for our state, and Cornell would likely agree wholeheartedly with you on that. The article was about the Ted Strickland...I swear that it was...go back and read it (or have it read to you), and you will also note that there is NO PRAISE GIVEN to Taft, Bush or ANY Republican in this article. Next time you comment, please, please, please take two minutes to actually read the article, and don't make a series of unrelated bashes the content of your post...they just make you sound like a whinny liberal who is afraid of thought and knowledge. Yes, even though Strickland is a Democrat, it is possible that he does indeed also suck for this state...


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